Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Buy For Lesser Transcription Rates

Once you detect things you may do to make lifer easier for the transcription service, you can then bargain for transcription rates that are lower. What appears "fine" to you may be dreadful to a transcriptionist. Background noise, record in a vehicle with the windows down, loud eateries, even the telly or radio on when record can make the sound hard to transcribe.Be conscious of the noise which you do not think twice about, but it will be picked up on your recording.

When recording a substantial groups, instruct the speakers to speak one at a time and introduce themselves. This makes it more easy for the transcription rates to decipher each man speaking and there will be less [inaudibles] when many people are talking over each other. Many transcriptionists, have software to download and play videos but some do not. Check with your transcription service if possible,, and first convert the file yourself to save some cash.

There is nothing worse than expecting a file back the next day and the transcription service will not have it ready for a "few days." Be clear when placing your order if you need it back in a hurry. This avoids the transcriptionist rushing to complete your transcript and frustration in your ending. Keep in mind most "Rush" occupations will cost more.

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